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    “I had an amazing experience with Cheryl at the Sherwood Park Complete Denture location. She made a night guard for me and it fits perfectly and is super comfy at night. I highly recommend to go to Cheryl for all your denture or night guard needs. Thank you so much Cheryl and the team of Complete Denture & Implant Solutions.”

    “My mom is 86 yrs old. I have taken her for her last three sets of dentures over the years. All sets were done by three different offices/denturists. All three times mom had fitment issues from the very beginning. So bad that mom could hardly talk let alone eat properly. After many follow up appointments trying to correct the issues she was left with teeth she couldn’t use properly. It was a horrible experience.
    That is until she was given a referral for Cheryl @Southwest denture.
    Cheryl made the whole process easy. From the first assessment to final fitting it was flawless. Mom walked away from the final appointment without one issue!
    She’s extremely satisfied with her new dentures.......thanks Cheryl”

    “Sina did my mom’s denture a couple years ago and it was great experience. Friendly and professional, and we are very glad language barrier didn’t become an issue. Highly recommended.”

    “Sina was the best and very kind denturist I’ve ever met! Thank you for fixing my Mom’s denture.”

    “The team at Southwest Denture Centre created the most beautiful and natural looking teeth! They incorporated everything I asked for including the colour, shape and size of the teeth and how much of my teeth show when I smile. I appreciated that they were honest about what they can and can’t safely do with the denture. They gave me the best smile I’ve ever had.”

    “This is a great denture clinic. Sina is very professional and friendly. He made a great quality denture and it’s working very well for me. Definitely will recommend to anyone who needs a denture.”

    “I took my grandma to get her dentures done and Sina Ghanbari was nothing but wonderful, respectful, and amazing! My grandma’s teeth was a bit of a challenge due to years of not having any at some portions of her mouth, but Sina did an amazing job and gave my grandma a beautiful smile again. Thank you so much Southwest Denture, and honestly this is a 6/5 stars! Just amazing!”

    “Cheryl and the team are amazing. Very nice, professional and they make very realistic dentures.”

    “As a business owner that understands the value of care and quality I have to say that the team at Southwest Denture Centre brings it all. My appointments were timely, the staff very personable and the quality of the work done second to none. Many thanks for creating such a positive experience for me.”

    “Ive had an amazing experience at this clinic. I was very nervous about my appointment and Cheryl was very good at communicating with me and making me feel very comfortable. I have nothing but great things to say about her work and how welcoming she is. Definitely recommend this clinic!”

    “I have never had such an excellent service like I had at this denture centre before. Dr Young was incredible. To my surprise, he called to check up on me and to follow up on how my denture was functioning months after having my denture fixed with him. I unreservedly recommend this facility to anyone in need of the services of a denturist. Their services are top notch and world class.”

    “Sina made a new denture for my mom, Firoozeh. he was very patient. Sina put a lot of effort to make sure it was a good fit and good quality for her. the dentures never bothered her. despite having an extremely low gum, it was a first time right which we were not expecting. i will recommend him to all friends and family. thank you Sina”

    “The service at Southwest Denture Centre was simply amazing !!!!
    My mom went here for new dentures and Cheryl was more than kind and understanding with her as she has Dementia and can’t always follow what is being asked of her.
    Cheryl went above and beyond in making sure her dentures were perfect. It is rare to find such great service these days.
    Sina was wonderful to help with the paperwork to be submitted for insurance purposes.
    Thank you both so much for the awesome service !!!!”

    “Staff were welcoming, friendly and professional. Dr Young made dentures for my mother and they fit perfectly. Dr Young was very caring and thoughtful when doing all procedures and my mother felt very comfortable and happy with the results. Thank you Dr. Young.”

    “Five and half years with All-on-4 upper jaw. Looks and feels like natural! Thank you Cheryl and team! I hope to see you for a cleaning when I back to Canada.”

    “Friendly and professional staff, a welcoming environment. The dentures I had, made by another denturist, were poorly made. Since being treated by Cheryl at Southwest Denture my dentures no longer fall out while eating or talking, no more sore spots either. A better fit than the originals. Easy booking, my schedule was and needs were fully met. Thank you, thank you.”

    “It’s been over 2 years now and WOW I still have people that can’t believe these are dentures. Cheryl put together my dentures close to what my real teeth looked like and SO many of my friends and colleges have commented on my "teeth" they don’t even suspect they are dentures. I have not had any problems with them and they still look fantastic. Cheryl and her staff are very professional, helpful and informative. From someone who was too afraid to even go to a dentist prior, I have no problems going to see Cheryl. If you are looking for a great place to get your dentures done or even ask about them I highly recommend you speak to Cheryl you won’t be disappointed none of the others I have sent to her have been, they have all thanked me.”

    “My husband John Chenoweth had oral surgery and it was important he see a denturist ASAP.The surgeons office called Southwest Denture Centre and Sina took him in immediately, and did what he had to do for the time. A month later he had a reline of his dentures.Sina was more then accommodating and did a great job. The staff are all so friendly, we would definitely recommend this office for any denture work.”

    “Absolutely the best in the city hands down. I’ve had Cheryl and Sina make me dentures and they are artists by far. They put so much care and compassion into their work and it shows! I sometimes forget that I have dentures they fit so well and look like my real teeth! They took my scary situation and made me feel so much better about it, I love my smile now! Thank you so much! ❤️”

    “Cheryl was everything you can ask for in a medical professional, welcoming, attentive, patient. My appointments were made within days of my contact, and not a moment of my time was spent waiting. As for the adjustments my dentures needed, that too went well.”

    “A very knowledgeable, caring and thorough service was rendered beyond expectation when I took my wife to this Denture Centre. We found that Sina was very patient, courteous and would not rest until the client is well satisfied with his product. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to anyone who wants utmost satisfaction relating to their denture. Together with my wife I wish all the best.”

    “Had an awesome experience here, everyone is super friendly and Cheryl did a great job on my teeth! Greatly appreciate the time and effort she takes to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.”

    “Very happy with everything that was done! A+ Treatment from everyone in the office! Will definitely be coming back!”

    “Love this place! Warm and friendly staff, would highly recommend southwest to any of my friends and family.”

    “I have had my upper All-on-4 for 2.5 years. Southwest did bridge (denture) that feels good and looks great to now. Cheryl also installed crown on the implant on my bottom jaw that feels...actually, I do not feel it because it is done so perfect. Easy to clean, no problem whatsoever.Very friendly people, great service. I highly recommend them.”

    “I had taken my aunty who was very sceptical about getting new dentures. During this time of Covid and all the uncertainties about the safety measures needed, we walked in and was instantly greeted by Cheryl. I was amazed how clean the office was and how great/ professional Cheryl and her staff were. Not only was the facility and fast service amazing, the final product has never made my aunty happier. The decades of her having dentures never came close to the teeth she has now. Both her and I highly recommend the Southwest Denture Centre and will be passing on this information to anyone we know needs these services.”

    “My 18 year old daughter needed extensive work done, we are so very grateful we found Cheryl. Not only did she do an amazing job, she answered a million questions we had and gave my daughter a beautiful smile that boosted her confidence. What more could a parent ask for . Thank YOU !”

    “My mom and Dad both got their denture from there. They both had denture previously and always had problem with how it fit. The technician is very knowledgeable, he worked with each one based on their specific needs.they both very happy with their denture now.If you have a senior parents or grand parents who are need of a comfortable denture, 316 windermere rd NW #304, Southwest denture is the place.Technician that helped my parents Were Sina. great person with seniors.highly recommendThe denture works as good as these kola bear teeths :)”

    “Cannot say enough about how wonderful this office treated my dad. They booked his appointment according to his schedule and he left feeling like a rock star. Cheryl, thank you for everything you have done-you are a true professional!”

    “I had full upper and lower teeth made and then had lowers relined.They fit great and look great.It was always fast to get in .I would recommend southwest denture to anyone .Its a great place,very professional and extremely knowledgable.”

    “Southwest Denture Centre has positively impacted much of my family. My Mother-in-Law had a Full Upper Denture done here. Cheryl asked for pictures of her from all aspects of her life and built her a beautiful denture. You cannot tell that they are not my Mother-in-Law’s own teeth. She looks fantastic! My son has started tackle football this year, so the natural and obvious choice was to go back to Southwest Denture and have a proper mouthguard made for him. My Son loves it, he got to choose the colour and tells me that it is very comfortable to wear! I have had whitening trays made as well as a night guard to help my clenching at night. Cheryl and Sina have taken such excellent care of my family, they will take the same care with yours. Their service is professional, personable, punctual, and caring. This is the place for you and your family to have all their needs met and exceeded! No need to look any further. Cheryl and Sina will have you and your family taken care of!”

    “My Mom came to Cheryl and she could not be happier!! As someone who was skeptical of getting a partial denture but wanted spaces filled prior to my wedding she was so happy!!”

    “Excellent service.”

    “I have my denture done 8 years ago by Southwest Denture Centre and I am 66 years old now see what I look like . You look good and you will feel good. What great job Southwest had done.”

    “My Dad who is very much a dental-phob and a patient whom only goes when he has to, required an immediate upper denture. Cheryl made him his and he could not be happier!! Without Cheryl, I am not sure where where we would be with my Dad and his upper jaw right now!!”

    “I was very reluctant about getting dentures but had developed a bone disease and had to have the process done.I had been to other denturists and was just too afraid to go through with it or had a bad feeling about them. My brother told me about Southwest Denture Centre and he had nothing but good things to say so I went, from the first visit Cheryl made me feel comfortable and went over the process with me and the costs. She gave me options on what I could afford and never once tried to convince me of anything more then what I was comfortable with.I NEVER wanted piano teeth, the ones that I seen others with that you can tell they are dentures and Cheryl said she can help me with that and made my teeth almost exactly like my real ones, One of the front had a little curve and OMG the dentures look just like them.(I have seen her "perfect teeth". My brother has them and he loves what she has done and they do look very nice but I prefer the natural look)I had never told my friends of my dentures and it’s been 2 years and not one of them has even noticed I have them, in fact I just told one friend and had to prove it was a denture, Even she could not believe they were not real.Cheryl and the stall at Southwest Denture Centre are all very pleasant and professional and most of all understanding.Don’t put it off!If I would have known it could be this easy, painless and affordable I would have done it years ago.ThanksCorina L”

    “Very friendly staff!”

    “Great service”

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